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Play Video Poker for Free

Bitcoin video poker . The most popular game you will ever play! Online. Legal Safe Fair.

This game needs no introduction. Play It as each video poker machine, except that you do not need to put in money. If you want to improve your game, select “warnings” or “Auto Hold”. The advice is optimal, based on all possible combinations of cards on the draw. If you do not have Java installed, the warnings and advice functions are not activated.

Video Poker

Jacks or Better is what it takes to win a hand in this online video poker game.

Double your profits with double risk

Win a page, select a card, Hi or Low, you double your pot or lose everything.

Learn to play online video poker with this free video poker game.

Practice your Video Poker Skills for Free. Paytable No Warnings Warnings AutoHOLD valuation errors

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Satoshi Aces

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Vera & John

Vera & John a well known traditional and even licensed, online casino Vera & John now accept bitcoins as a payment method. So anyone can enjoy the best casino games and much more. This casino Bitcoin is one of the most innovative that you can find at the moment. though the rates of exchange are not clear you cannot get your winning in bitcoin and it is better not to use licensed online casino for bitcoin gambling 100

the phenomenon of online casinos popularity in Italy

- Who has not dreamed of wearing a tuxedo or a long dress, getting into an elegant casino, sit down at the green table and win the entire casino? It is undeniable that the traditional casinos keep intact all their charm: the muffled environments, specialized staff, attention to detail. Still, these temples of gambling must deal with a major limitation: they are located only in a few specific areas and therefore, in order to enjoy an evening of play, must necessarily be burdened travel often very long, with the ensuing costs.

But since the technology has shortened any distance, reducing travel costs and times completely, here’s the online casino sites have proliferated exponentially, creating optimal conditions for any player, who, simply by connecting to the Internet, may have on hand an entire casino.

The success of online casinos is then the chance to play immediately and comfortably seated on the sofa at home; the anonymity and security of transactions are two characteristics that have further strengthened the confidence of the players, who are offered a wide range of games for all tastes and for all budgets.

Gambling is then entered a new era since the end of 2012, in Italy there was the liberalization of licenses for online gaming sites, resulting in the regulation and control. Big casinos like 32Red or Roxy Palace are entering the market, providing users with more and more games are curious and captivating and adding to traditional poker and blackjack also other attractions, such as slot machines and roulette. The increased popularity of the world of betting among the inhabitants of the beautiful country is now under the eyes of all: until now have been more than three million those who have made at least one bet in an online casino. According to a recent study by GfK Eurisko foundation Codere and also the Italian typical player is male, aged between 18 and 44 years and bet to try your luck.

Therefore, less than two years after the liberalization, it is possible to make an initial assessment. In terms of diffusion, the online gaming industry has reached the cinema and the theater, with a considerable growth in economic terms: in 2012 the sector had a turnover of 25 billion Euros in Italy, while in 2013 it increased to 43.75 billion, an increase of 75%. Among the most watched games in the first place slot machines are placed, followed by poker and roulette. Faced with such an important market and with so many competitors – it is estimated that at least 70 accredited online casinos – it is normal so that each site launches its promotion, in order to win the attention of the users. This is the case, for example, the 32Red online roulette, which offer a bonus of € 32 for every 10 charge. An incentive especially appreciated, given that 52% of the players of online casinos spend more than 25 euro per month.

The liberalization has brought a wide margin even the state itself, through the payment of licenses and taxes on revenues, as well as by the increase in employment contracts in the sector is estimated that only in Italy are at least 500 000 people employed directly or in related industries in the online gaming market.

These numbers put the corner those of traditional casinos, instead they are experiencing an era of decline. According to data made ​​public by Federgioco, the federation that brings together the four Italian legal casino – Venice, San Remo, Saint Vincent and the Champion of Italy and Venice – in 2012 the receipts have fallen by 18% over the previous year, registering only 332 million euro. We can only hope that this collapse is not final and that we can still dream of wearing a tuxedo or a long dress and enter the beautiful rooms that have written the history of gambling in Italy.

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Brazil tried it with online gambling

Brazil tried it with online gambling

After it has unfortunately not worked with football, Brazil is now trying in online gambling. Oh, well, a link is not there really. However, during the World Cup has apparently dealt with the subject of legalizing sports betting, online bingo and online casinos the Brazilian government.

The new law, which could possibly be soon approved by the Senate, would most types of gambling regulate (legalize). This is the gambling can be better monitored and taxed in many parts. The proposed legislation contains reportedly also rules gambling providers like can apply for a license in Brazil.

Candidates should have sustainable technical capacities, which comply with tax laws and can prove their financial viability. The bill also includes penalties of rules for the illegal operation of gambling sites on the Internet. Up to one year imprisonment and massive fines, the law provides.


Ciro Nogueira

The Brazilian Senator Ciro Nogueira noted that the unregulated gambling market in Brazil already about 18 billion U.S. dollars could be hard. The legalization and regulation of the market could bring significant tax revenue to the state, which could be used for social investment.

The government for some time already working to revise the gambling laws. So the Senate has already closed a loophole that allowed foreign companies to reach Brazilian customers.

In a law that dates back to the early days of Internet law states that any commercial contact that takes place online, the law of the land is subject, in which the business was opened.

For Brazil, that meant until now that the revenue from online shops not their own country benefited. This loophole has been closed and now it is time for the government to re-regulate gambling on the Internet and thus to lay the foundation for growing revenue for the state, which we hope will also benefit the population of the country for good at the end.SpinPalace The Palace of Slotmachines
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