Lights slot

Lights is a brand new slot that Netent promoted at several Swedish online casinos. The slot machine has Asian theme and cool graphics. These casinos will let you see the light at the end of the tunnel in the slot Lights!

How to Play
After a short intro where a firefly flying in at dusk so will slot running. The music is peaceful and gives the appearance of Buddhist meditation. Lights reminds However much about other slot machines as its effects are not particularly innovative. However, that includes the 5 piece wheels on three lines with a total of nine bet lines. Players can bet anywhere from 9 up to SEK 900 per spin. This is regulated partly by the coin value and the level of. There are a total of 10 levels, so you decide to bet on a level you can afford.

Lights have wild symbols generated by the fireflies fly across the screen at every spin. These Wild symbols are added over the existing symbols and this means that you can win a lot of money if you hit the right. 2-4 Wilds comes on every spin! Wild symbols substitute for all other symbols except scatters and this is quite normal as many other gaming machines is also running on this system. Scatters in this case the free spin symbol. In addition to the Wilds, there are also free spin symbols. When three or more of these show up in a row so you as a player to a position in the game that can give a lot of money.

When the lights do not have a special bonus games it’s free spin mode, which is the highlight of the game. When you enter the game, change color, and it becomes night with a moon in the background. Fireflies buzzing more than usual, but fortunately they do not bite. Instead of generating 2-4 wilds each spin will increase this number to 3-6! How many free spins you get depends on how many free spin symbols you spun up in the base game. Three symbols give you 10 spins, while you’d been lucky enough to spin up 5 symbols so it spins up 30 free spins!

What says expert?
I find it hard to like Lights. While it is ok graphically so it is no more. The music will be after 2 minutes extremely annoying so I shut it off. Unlike Terminator 2, which offers a thrilling soundtrack from the film, the Lights music just a joke. The good thing with Lights wild symbols that always pops up on every spin. Although Netent claim to repayment ratio til the player is at 96% so I understood it when I played that got bigger prizes more often, and that it took a part of the profits. Free Spin Mode is a disappointment. Even though you can get a total of 30 spins on a board so it adds nothing new to the game, it’s still the same wheel that spins and despite wild symbols have been increased so the game becomes not fun. Like Asian themes and tranquil music so can lights be something for you, but otherwise, I recommend the second slots from Netents wide registers

Reputable online casinos in Germany

Reputable online casinos in Germany What exactly characterizes actually reputable online casinos? Who is playing in Germany in 2013, must rely on a background of abundant spongy legislation that he is dealing with a reliable and fair provider. Seriousness is the A & O, both the casinos that we introduce here as far as our testing procedures for onlinecasinopig

With gambling in internet casinos million people worldwide have their fun, and thousands of pages present their offers. Logically, that is including the one or other little trustworthy and sincere company. The reason you can not be picky enough as a customer when it comes to choosing the best online casino. But how can you be sure is whether an online casino is reputable, without that comes to just above the whole look and testing of the game? For example, by letting the testing, evaluating and recommending this company to our proven casino experts and trust the results. We will be happy to explain how we go about it, and what you should focus on.

When it comes to gambling on the Internet that German customers often are spoiled for choice. Is important, however, at the casinos that offer online games, not only for their favorite games, interesting features and options to look out for, but also on what are the most respected Internet casinos in Germany, which are specially equipped for German players. This is one of our “killer criteria”, among other important points in evaluating and selecting a casino. Check out our reviews on to know the factors that play a role in our selection.

Lunaris slot

Lunaris slot
Lunaris is a new slot from Williams Interactive as one of upstarts among game developers . What many do not know is that Williams bought a Swedish company called Jade Stone Ltd and is now developing more and more casino games directly in Stockholm. Most Swedes know Netent and Microgaming so Lunaris bandit may come as a positive surprise. Below we list the online casinos that you can play on slot Lunaris.

How to Play
The theme of Lunaris is mysticism and astrology. The symbols are retrieved from different constellations Scorpio and Sagittarius, and various flowers. It is neat and taken from an M. Night Shyamalan movie.

Lunaris has like many other online slots five reel, but like other machines from Williams Interactive, there are also 5 wheels beside the main wheels. This slotstyp called Colossal Reels slot and other types that also have this feature, for example, Kiss and Giant’s Gold. The wheels are spinning at the same time and this makes the ways to win is an enormous number! Overall, there are 12 rows of 100 betting lines! At most, you can bet 250 coins (the equivalent in the currency you are playing for) per bet.

There are a variety of special symbols: wild, mystery and bonus symbols.

Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except the base game Mystery and bonus. This means that your chance of winning more money will increase enormously. Mystery symbol will just forward of the main wheel and looks like a green butterfly. When it flies up the screen, it has a number of different denominations is randomized each time ranging from 5 to 20, this means that such 5 butterflies then fly out over the colossal wheel, replacing five (when priced 5) symbols from the base game. It is neat and profits can be really great! However, remember that it does not replace the bonus symbol.

When you get three or more bonus symbols to start the free spin mode. Unlike other games where there is only free spins so Lunaris slot is unique in that with each free spin, then a multiplier. Do you get up three bonus symbols to get 8 free spins and double bet, but you’re lucky enough to spin up 6 bonus symbols so you get 25 free spins and all over 25x the multiplier based on the amount you bet when you spun up the bonus mode!

Do you play in addition to the maximum amount guaranteed as a multiplier of at least 5x bet!
Bonus symbol looks like a green caterpillar.

What says expert?
Lunaris is an interesting slot. It is visually attractive and bonus mode is specielt what stands out-I really like the multipliers that make Lunaris quite unique. Kollosalhjulet is also fun to play on because one of my favorite pilot’s Kiss. If, however, goes to the minus signs, it is mainly to Lunaris is incredibly unattractive, they simply do not know what gives the charge, although there is a paytable. The wheels are spinning and I think I have developed a number of identical symbols, but it will rivet again and I do not know why. The biggest minus is that I can not set the number of spins in advance I want to play but I have to sit and click for hand time and time again. It gets tiring and forces me to remain at the slot.

Aliens slots

Aliens slot
For those of you who are sci fi saved NetEnt has been innovation that can also make you rich right. Aliens is a slot where you play a Colonial Marine in search of the queen and her nest and you win it will be a fireworks display of explosions and money! These casinos offer you the chance to go back to the spaceship Nostromo

Game Manufacturer:

How to Play
Aliens slot is visually impressive and based on the Aliens films. It has 15 pieces betting lines and you can choose between playing for 1.50 to 1500 per spin. Just make sure you do not play for money you do not have. The objective of the game is to get to the Queen’s lair and defeat her there and nest. You Stretcher game by pulling the spin button, and your first goal is to reach the first bonus game.

The game features Wild symbols substitute for all symbols in the base game, except ammo symbols in the bonus games. Every time you win a multiplier increases, and each time you lose, you lose one. These are recorded on what is known. Aliens indicator that constantly replenished every time you win. If you manage to fill it, it starts the first bonusspelet- “The Search” or search and it is now the game will begin in earnest!

In “The Search” assumes you feel the role of a Marine and take the help of your plasma rifle or railgun in the hunt for shooting down aliens in a cruel FPS mode. Wheels spin in the background with the same multiplier that you brought with you from the base game and for every spin will attack a drooling Alien. The aim in this mode is also filling aliens indicator. It also applies to not run out of ammounition because if this happens then you go back to the starting position in the base game. In this FPS mode, however, you chance to win a lot more money than the basic state as all symbols have multipliers and every spin begins with three in a row!

If you manage to have luck on your side and reach so far that you come face to face with the Queen herself in The Hive, you must not fill any indicator, but it behooves a weapon in your arsenal- grenade launcher! This also needs ammo and just as before, all the multipliers with you from the search and the base game, which means that the money can really pour in to your account unless ammountionen ends.

What says expert?
Aliens is an impressive slot if one looks at the visual. However, it becomes tedious right in the long run because it is not a true FPS mode where you have no control. There is chance that control, just like in all other slots even if it looks very real. It must also be said that it requires a lot of patience to get to the hive-mode, but you do it so expected it properly high profits. Speaking of profits, it is also the right time between them, but when you win you win more. Some players like this, while I prefer to win less, but more frequently. A slot that contrast is really good on film theme is Terminator 2 which does not is a direct bonus games, but the feeling is much better then the soundtrack is there from the start.

Playing casino on your mobile

Playing casino mobile casino is the latest trend. Play Roulette from favorite diner, win at Slots data in the system or pull a spade on the way to work. It’s super easy, just surf to your casino with your mobile’ll be redirected to their mobile site or to a page where you can download their app for Android, iPhone or Windows Mobile.
Below we list the best online mobile casinos in 2014.

casino adnroid
If you want to play casino through the app on your Android phone so you just go to one of our recommended best online casinos and click on the Department for mobile casino. Then just click on the link to download and install the casino app, a process that takes a couple of minutes. In many casinos, it’s even easier, and all you have to do is scan a QR code to install their casino app. Many also offer an Android-casino on the web, which means you do not need to download any app at all, you just surf to your casino with your Android, you’ll be redirected to their custom mobile casino. There is usually also a special bonus for mobile gamers.

casino iPhone
iPhone hardly needs any introduction. Since Apple was getting into the mobile industry has nothing’s been the same, and all mobile manufacturers now have at least one model with a large screen and touch sensitive screen. iPhone, iPad and iPad mini is powered by Apple’s own operating system iOS. Also, this app allows you to scan through a QR code, or it gives the casino you a link to iTunes where you can download the app. As with Android, there are many casinos that offer an Apple mobile casino with custom site so that they work automatically with iOS, without the need to download an app. More on these below.

Mobile casino for browser
Many casinos choose to offer a custom website instead of an app. With today’s high speed mobile Internet, and with the big screens on tablets and smartphones, it works just as well. Another advantage of a mobile website is that they are not dependent on the phone’s operating system. Want to play mobile casino over the web so you just have to surf to the site as usual. Casino’s server will automatically detect that you are surfing from a mobile device, and will showcase the special mobile version of the site.

Log in to the mobile casino

You can play mobile casino when you want and where you want
There are different variations of how it works to log on to a mobile casino. The most common is that you sign in with the same account information as your regular account and just start playing. But in some cases you need to create a separate account for your mobile. You do this the same way as on the web, and it usually takes no more than a few minutes. Some mobile casinos also offer an extra bonus when you start playing mobile or create an account for your mobile.

. Have fun!

VIP Casino players and high rollers

If you have ever visited a physical casino then you might have seen that there are some rooms where only big players have access to. The same is not true at online casinos, but the fact is that there are players who are investing significantly more cash on online games than we mere mortals. There are degrees of players and casinos are wise to reward them so they stay and more players. However, even ordinary players benefit from some of these offers

ComeOn tax free swedish casino

Stylish and sleek design
300 games from three software developers
Also offers poker and betting
Wagering is quite high
ComeOn Casino offers over 300 casino games from the three developers, including Microgaming’s world famous progressive jackpots. You will also receive a £ 1,200 bonus.

Game Manufacturer:
Pay with:
maestro paypal logo paysafe show=moneybookers visa mastercard
3.5 / 5
ComeOns casino has a slightly cluttered design, but offers a good bonus, a good poker room and also on the odds. Come in at ComeOn and let yourself be surprised by games played five days a week!

Gameplay and utbud4.5 / 5
Casino’s stylish poker room, molded sports betting section and above all the flashy casino, sailing easily over the bar with the help of software from three of the world’s largest developer Microgaming, NetEnt and CTXM. Using these screens ComeOn up a smorgasbord of over 300 games spread over different categories.

Here you will find nicely animated progressive jackpot games, Mega Fortune or Arabian Nights, alongside a variety of roulettes, blackjack tables and video poker Deuces Wild or Jacks or Better. And do you want to vary, you can always add an odds or pull a face Texas Hold’em.

The games are also grouped in categories and I am thinking not only in the classic slots, roulette, poker, etc., but also as’ the girls’ favorites’, new games and Vegas fans. This makes it more fun to discover games that are not played before. Regarding jackpots so boasts the not less than SEK 100 million in total jackpots!

Bonuses and VIP4.5 / 5
ComeOn running not just a bonus, but the whole two welcome bonuses when you register with them. However, you must choose between one of them. Insert $ 100 and get 500 directly in the account or the ubblar your first deposit up to 3000 SEK. You also get 10 free spins on the slot Jackhammer! So it all depends on whether you want to invest a lot or a little less. Both casino bonuses come with a wagering requirement of 50x, which I think is really high, but on the other hand, you get a good start on your game. When you register you and have a bonus code so choose full registration otherwise you can not make use of the code.

The casino runs two daily casino tournaments where you can win fat pengapriser.Dessutom running the tournaments 5 days a week and there is no cost to be in one! You also collect the whole time loyalty points as you play, which you can then use to buy lots of different bonuses and lottery tickets in raffles in ComeOns own store. In addition, all the time offers of free spins on different slots.

Mobilcasino3.5 / 5
Games on mobile phones is something that ComeOn casino has embraced. It is now up to you where you want to play somewhere and whether you use Androids or iOS so chances to win the jackpot, for example Mega Fortune there for you. Will you, as I sit in the car or on the beach this summer with Netent in hand for a chance to eke out the loan account?

Contact Details and / 5
Do you have a question, just click on “Support” at the bottom of the page so you can find email, phone and live chat to their customer service. There is also a comprehensive and searchable support database in Swedish, with answers to all the common questions that new players may have, whether you have a technical question or wonder how you withdraw your winnings.

The casino accepts both Visa and MasterCard, as well as cash solution Ukash, e-wallets Moneybookers, Neteller and Speed ​​Card, and a number. In terms of return to the same payment method used for payment which you used for deposit, with a few exceptions.

What says expert? 5.4
ComeOn is an interesting casino. You can quickly get started with a quick registration and VIPPS you have money in your account to play lots of fun games, from both Netent and Microgaming. Like in particular that they have put in more manufacturers than just the standard Netent. It is not as nice, the design of the site that is cluttered and disorganized. I find it hard to find what I’m looking for, even if the games are organized in a beneficial way.

However, it’s great that they put up the big gains that some players have got and how high the jackpots are. It is, after all, the jackpot I always bet on, for why should you play at a small slot where the gain can be small when a million chance is within reach just few clicks away?

Another thing I like is the tournaments. It’s free to join and you can play both at day and at night. Moreover, it is actually pretty fun, even if the profits are usually quite small. ComeOns poker room is also the only casino in Europe where you can play against Americans according to themselves. This may be true, but what specifically is it? But there are some who might like it, but this is not so special for me as an inveterate player.

Roxy Palace Review-

Roxy Palace Review- Score: 6.2

Roxy Palace casino games

Rating: 78e10 6.2 / 10
Summary of the hundreds of casinos I played Roxy Palace is one of the absolute best when it comes to continuous bonuses. In their free calendar offer several bonuses every week with low wagering requirements. Roxy Palace has a sister casino Casino Splendido. Games from Microgaming.

Owner: Megapixel Entertainment Ltd.
Software: Microgaming
Bonus: Yes
Support: 6.0 out of 10
Reputation: 8.0 out of 10
Our favorite slot: Loaded
Target Audience: Beginner
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888 Casino Review

888 Casino Review
888 Casino Overview

888 is one of the real big players in the gaming world and it has been constantly expanded and taken over increasingly large market share as the years passed. Since its inception in 1997, so it has been … more
Play Now Download
Page 888 Casino
web address
Network: 888 Network
Founded: 1997
Country: Gibraltar
Bonus Info: 900 kr free + 100% deposit bonus
Minimum deposit: SEK100
Support Options: Email, Telephone, Chat
Deposit: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Entropay, Bank Transfer, Paypal, Neteller, Ukash Moneybookers
Withdrawals: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Entropay, Bank Transfer, Paypal, Neteller, Ukash Moneybookers

full Review

888 is one of the real big players in the gaming world and it has been constantly expanded and taken over increasingly large market share as the years passed. Since its inception in 1997, so it has been in the current position over 25 million registered customers worldwide, making them one of the largest gaming companies in the world. The main focus has always been on online poker, but they have several years also put a great deal of time to the casino operation. 888 holds a gaming license in Gibraltar, which means that you have tax-free profits, and they are listed on the London Stock Exchange.

888 now offers an easy to use website that is not too complicated or too much information. When the player enters the Start screen gets him informed of the latest offers on the page and can then easily navigate to any of the main sections, which include casino, poker, betting and bingo. Casino School is also very blunt, and to register their account does not take even a minute.

Bonuses and Promotions

888 has one of the better starting deals available in the market today, and here is a chance to take home a lot of profits without the risk of losing so much. After you have registered and logged into your account, you will get new customers all over SEK 900 in bonus money. This sum may sound too good to be true – and yes, you can not take out the entire bonus amount at once, and of course there are requirements for the bonus. The wagering requirement for this bonus is 30 times the bonus amount, and the maximum win you can get on the bonus is 200 SEK, which still makes it a really good starterbjudade.

On top of that’s offered you also on a juicy first deposit bonus at 888 Casino. They offer a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to 1000 crowns, which of course gives you very good opportunities in the casino.

Games and Software

888 has an interesting casino part available for both direct game in the browser as well as a downloadable casino. Both contain the same game, even if downloading the casino might run a little faster. 888 has a unique mix of games, where you will find classic Playtech games such as Spiderman and The Incredible Hulk, as well as games from Net Entertainment and also a bunch of self-developed games available exclusively on the 888th course also all the classic table games such as Bacarrat , roulette and blackjack.

Customer Support

The most effective way to get hjäp with their problem is to use the live chat that 888 offers. You can also reach the support team by email and telephone.

payment Options

888 offers over 20 of the world’s popular payment solutions, allowing virtually anyone can play on the side, offering payments, including VISA, MasterCard, Neteller, Moneybookers, Paypal, UKash and direct transfer through bank.


900 SEK for free after registration
100% deposit bonus up to 1000 crowns
Games from some of the world’s leading game developers
Games available directly in the browser

Unibet Review

Unibet Review
unibet Overview

web address
Founded: 1997
Country: Sweden
Bonus Info: 120% on first deposit up to 1200 SEK + 10 Frispins
Minimum deposit: SEK100
Support Options: Email, Phone, Chat, FAQ
Deposit: VISA, MasterCard, Moneybookers, Neteller, Bank Transactions, Ukash
Withdrawals: VISA, MasterCard, Moneybookers, Neteller, Bank Transactions, Ukash

Unibet has since long ago been one of the most popular online casinos on the Swedish market. The company was founded in 1997 by the Swedes and they are listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, but has over the years grown and established itself in over 150 countries worldwide, with nearly 10 million unique players. It provides a substantial varied gaming platform with casino games, betting, poker, bingo and scratch cards, which means that there is something in it for all types of players.

Our first impression when we visit the site is that it definitely keeps the standards that one would expect of an international gaming company. The design feels fresh and contemporary, and you get a good overview on the home page. You can easily navigate between the different game types in the top menu, and in each section you will find a graphical slider that features the latest incidents of games and promotions for the specific section you are visiting. The casino is divided into three different parts. First up is the Casino Red, which is a browser-based casino that is available directly in your browser, followed by Casino Black, which is a downloadable casino with additional games for the player looking for the ultimate in performance and graphics. It also offers a live casino where you can play classic casino games with real dealers via a camera link for optimal gaming experience.

Offers and Bonuses

As casino market today so it is high competition between gaming companies, and it has become extremely important to have good deals to get customers interested. Unibet has thus spared no expense when it comes to opening offer for new customers. When the player opens the account and make a deposit so you bid on 120% Bonus. Minimum deposit of $ 100 and the bonus is the maximum limit of 1200 crowns, which provides excellent opportunities for making money.

New customers in their mobile casino also get ten free spins in the popular slot machine starburst from Swedish Net Entertainment. All one needs to do to get their frispins is log on the mobile side and start playing – no deposit required.

Game Variety and Software

For a modern online casino, it is important to provide a range of games such protected species down the demands of today’s casino player has – nothing a person we think that Unibet has succeeded. It currently offers high-quality casino games from a variety of game developers, including from the Swedish gaming giant, Net Entertainment, which in recent years has set the standard for online casino games around the world.

It also offers a mobile casino, which feels just right in time. Player has now been able to access their game account from their phone, which means you no longer need to be at your computer to play at Unibet.

Customer Support

Unibet offers a big help center that is easy to understand. Here you can get help in a variety of ways. You can choose to search in their FAQ for help with everyday problems, or to get personal help via phone, email or chat.


Most popular payment option settings are available on Unibet, such as VISA, MasterCard, Moneybookers, Neteller, Bank Transactions, paysafecard and uKash.